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anderson1There are some pretty great things about being the editor of Segullah. Our blog provides interesting conversations nearly every day, and the community of women who participate, as staff members, contributors, and enthusiastic readers, are incredibly smart, thoughtful, and fun. But one of my favorite parts of the job is reading and sharing our contest honorees each spring. AtSegullah, it’s part of our mission to “encourage literary and artistic talent, provoke thought and promote greater understanding and faith among Latter-day Saint women” and I love to see the fruits of our labor in the pieces that these writers have entrusted to us.

Over the last few months, we have been privileged to share the works of painter Paige Crosland Anderson to accompany our featured writing. Anderson calls the above piece “Good Tension to Grow,” and I think it’s a perfect piece to accompany the five creative works we’re honoring this April. Our Creative Nonfiction winner, E.B. Wheeler, writes about physical and spiritual tensions in her recovery from a spinal cord injury in “Imperfect Instruments.” Valerie Owens tackles the growth that comes from the cultural tensions inherent in serving a mission in “Rewritten,” which received an honorable mention. Katherine Cowley’s short story, “Yongrui and the Tree of Life” tackles all kinds of tensions– sickness and healing, faith, and family relationships. Our poetry winner, longtime Segullah contributor Markay Brown, looks at the tensions between transience and permanence in “Ephemeral Wings” and honorable mention “Mathematics of a Curve” looks at the tensions within a girl’s changing body. They are all delights to read, and we’re proud to be publishing them as our contest honorees at Segullah for 2015.

Shelah Mastny Miner


2015 Segullah Awards for Excellence

Creative Nonfiction
Winner: “Imperfect Instruments: A Three-Part Harmony” by E.B. Wheeler
Honorable Mention: “Rewritten” by Valerie Owens

Winner: “Yongrui and the Tree of Life” by Katherine Cowley

Winner: “Ephemeral Wings” by Markay Brown
Honorable Mention: “Mathematics of a Curve” by Valerie Owens

Coming soon: archived content from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue

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